Yesterday the 4th of May we held with the Leuven Action group for Palestine ( a Leuven Group where besides other organizations WIB Leuven takes part in) ‘Our Own SONGFESTIVAL 2019’ as a protest and a moral disapproval against the fact that the European Broadcasting Union lets take place the festival in Israel as if nothing is wrong there!
In the center of Leuven, with the help of a Choir (Kontrarie) , a conductor (L. F) and an accordion player (P M) and a lot of people, about one hundred, we sang five songs on the melody of popular songs but with other words (edited by A V):
1. We have worries (Louis Neefs)
2. Soldiers of Love (Lilian Saint-Pierre) ‘against Israeli violence and international indifference’
3. Sanomi (Urban Trad) ‘Lullaby’ for Palestinian children
4. City Lights (Blanche) Rendez-vous (Pas de Deux) ‘Solidarity song for Palestinian political prisoners’
5. Rendez-vous (Pas de Deux) ‘ No rendez-vous for Eurosong Israel’
We also showed the Palestinian Flag and the slogans: GEEN EUROSONG IN ISRAEL (‘NO EUROSONG IN ISRAEL’) and a banner ‘EUROVISION Israel 2019: ZERO POINTS TO APARTHEID’

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